God’s Calendars [Special Edition III]

In previous post, please don’t be concerned about the timeline of 13th of May to 19th of May. The patterns are not coming to pass yet doesn’t mean it is not true, because this is a “mirroring” of these times in approximate 12 days later, according to Enoch’s calendar. Remember the wheel, Enoch’s delay is the clue when things don’t come to pass. We are getting very close to the First Call now!

Nepal and USA updated2

Before getting into the actual calendar, there’s something very significant with the recent twin great earthquakes in Nepal. This is signifying that America’s judgment will very soon be coming, and this will be part of the calendar’s events that will be explained, because it is related to the cosmic events, 3 days of darkness and transformation of the bride.

Nepal’s Twin Earthquakes as USA’s Twin Earthquakes
I made the merging of maps and found it very interesting to see the TWIN earthquakes in Nepal recently (1st Earthquake @25/4/15, 2nd Earthquake @12/5/15), just as there will be TWO earthquakes in USA (Califonia – West Coast, New York City – East Coast) as prophecised by Warrior Princess.

“A great earthquake is upon you. It will strike suddenly and without warning and will hit CA first and then New York City. There will be massive chaos as this happens. Note that NYC is in the East of the US. Once this happens the cosmic event will not be far offOrchestrated by the enemy internally.” Prophecy received from the Lord Jesus by Belinda aka Warrior Princess at 13/12/14.

The word “internally” reminds of CERN, because of their underground equipment (LHC)!

If you turn the Nepal map over horizontally as the US map, the first earthquake in Nepal was hit at the West, and the second was hit at the East, EXACTLY of where both states will be hit in America. This signifies that events are even nearer than before now, because of the twin earthquakes that happened in Nepal already, and the clues are being revealed partly from this merged map.

The reason Nepal is suitable to compare to America, because this place is the ONLY Hindu kingdom of the world (full of FALSE IDOLS) and the HIGHEST mountain (Mount Everest) is in this place as well, meaning high places. Kathmandu’s area is filled espcially more Hindu temples (false idols) and that represents Hollywood, because CA’s Hollywood celebrities for example is exalting themselves above GOD upon many who follow them, and this is idolatry against THE LORD JESUS. Also, the high place is the NYC’s World Trade Center (see Rev. 18) it is drawing ALL NATIONS to the lust of the dollar and they will hold a special place for the wrath of GOD.

See 1 Timothy 6:10 – “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

On 12th of May, which the second quake just hit in Nepal yesterday is interesting, when seeing the number “12” as “12AM” representing the Midnight Cry from Matthew 25 (Ten Virgins Parable). Time is no more, and our hope of light is indeed coming, as the word “Midnight” means the dead of night, which is the start of a “New Beginning” and “Morning has come”! This is Good News!

Another confirmation to WP’s prophecy from Psalm 103:12:
“As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.”

See the wording “from the west”, it is starting FROM THE WEST, and then to East! These places (CA & NYC) are filled with overwhelming transgressions against GOD, and removing these abominations from the darkness (West) clearing up to the light (East) in reverse for good.

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