God’s Calendars [Special Edition V]

Looking back to the May’s Calendar, 10th of May is mirroring to 21st of May according to Enoch’s “12 days delay”. Below will be an explanation of how it fits perfectly, from 10 as 21, 11 as 22 and so forth. The Book of Psalms is very significant to the numbers as well.

The Mirroring Events of 12 Days Delay
10th/11th of May as 21st/22nd of May
10th of May and 11th of May were both landed near the Goat constellation. Goat represents the evil ones, and the bible had spoke of judgment against the goats into everlasting fire (Matthew 25:33,41). Interestingly, these two dates of 10th and 11th are echoing back to 21st and 22nd of May, because on 21st and 22nd of May, the moon will be going to the “Twin” constellation. As mentioned before about the “twin” earthquakes that will be coming to California and New York City, the relationship between the “Goat” and “Gemini (Twin)” seems to point to these two high places, because these two states are full of abominations against GOD.

12th of May as 23rd of May
On the 12th of May, the moon went to the “water” constellation, and this represents Jonah’s shipwreck (destruction). Paul’s shipwreck is also about water, however, because the “fish” constellation was stuck along with the “water” constellation (12/13), therefore it is more appropriate to look it in terms of Jonah. The First Call is NOT the rapture, therefore it is possible to know when will the First Call happens. For those who does not know what is the First Call, the First Call is about the transformation of the “early” bride of Christ; known as the barley. The wheat will come later who is also the “new” bride of Christ that will participate the rapture.

Nepal’s 2nd great earthquake also happened on the 12th of May, and because 12th of May is as 23rd of May, this signifies “earthquake” on the 23rd of May. 23rd of May can be seen as Psalm 23, which represents death and new beginning. This will later be explained about Psalm 23 to Psalm 30’s applying to dates.

13th/14th/15th of May as 24th/25th/26th of May
13th could be seen as 14th of May because of time zone difference, but what’s important is that it’s around these dates, either 13,14,15 or 14,15,16, they’re all just pretty close even if it’s one day off, it doesn’t really matter. These “THREE DAYS” is the moon going through the “Fish” constellation, representing Jonah’s 3 days of darkness in the belly of the whale. Therefore, 23,24,25 or 24,25,26 according to time zone difference are echoed back as the 3 days of darkness, according to Enoch’s KEY timing of 12 days delay.

The “Final” Barley Harvest Timing of May
June is out of boundary when it comes to the significant timing of the Barley Harvest. Lyar is the time of the Barley Harvest, which ends on 29 of Lyar (Jewish’s Calendar) aka 18th of May (Gregorian’s Calendar). Remember the “Barley Harvest” in Israel is a BIG key to timing and it ends in Lyar. Barley is the bride, and this Jewish Calendar when extended, according to Enoch’s Calendar will ends on 29th of May. 29th of May will be the deadline for harvesting the “early” bride of Christ, therefore June is out of the picture.


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