God’s Calendars [Special Edition VIII]

Looking back to the May’s Calendar, below will recap the speculated events and dates. Later will explain about the 40 weeks pregnancy, in comparison to the approximate 40 days of harvest. The 6:00 & 6:15PM will once again explored.

Recapping 21st of May to 27th of May

  1. 21st of May – Twin Earthquakes (California & New York City), Cosmic Event (Red Sky for 3 Days), Start of 3 Days of Warning, Start of 3 Days of Partial Darkness. According to Bonnie’s prophecy “Seek Solace in ME” dated on 11/7/13, The LORD said “The earthquake will happen and then the 3 days of darkness will descend.” and “The darkness will descend within 3 days of this cosmic event appearing.  The darkness will commence with the earthquake.” are both DIFFERENT grammatically. There could be TWO unique earthquake events, because “and then” and “with” are different. If person A goes first, then person B the second, thus would be the usage of “and then”. If person A goes with person B, then that would be “together”
    The Ides of March is the 15th of May, and is to be seen 7 days preceding it. That would land us exactly on 21st of May, which is the beginning of the events! Paul’s shipwreck is about destruction, and it was on the 14th Midnight, which is 15th morning. Just as Jonah’s shipwreck on the 12th of May (Nepal’s earthquake) signified destruction, therefore there could be a great earthquake on the 27th of May. Also, interestingly Ides of March is related to the year 44BC and as mentioned the 3rd blood moon’s total lunar eclipse was 4:44. Obama is the 44th president of USA. Therefore, the number 44 could represent “bloodshed” and “death”. Interestingly, 15th of May (Caesar’s 44BC) would be 21st of May according to Enoch’s timing.
    7 days preceding before the 15th of May is also significant to count as mentioned previously, according to Erin’s prophetic dreams. This lands us to 9th of May, which is can be seen as Omer 23 because of time zone difference. Omer 23 in the Jewish Calendar was on 27th of April, and counting 12 days forward would land us on 8th of May. Again, 23 represents death according to Psalm 23. Based on Omer 23, which is 8/9th of May, leading the relationship between 9th of May, 15th of May that is as 21st of May. This confirms 3 Sivan on 21st of May to be seen as Psalm 23.
  2. 22nd of May – 3 Days of Warning, 3 Days of Darkness in parts of the world due to stoppage of earth’s rotation
  3. 23rd of May – 3 Days of Warning, 3 Days of Partial Darkness, Global Quake probably due to incoming asteroid (See Rev. 9)
  4. 24th of May – Transformation of the Bride of CHRIST (Infusion with The HOLY SPIRIT), Heavenly Realm Training for the Bride, 3 Days of Worldwide Darkness
  5. 25th of May – 3 Days of Worldwide Darkness, visitation from The LORD JESUS to every person upon the face of the earth, for their chance of repentance and salvation. During the 3 days of the tomb period, JESUS CHRIST went to hades, which is the heart of the earth (hell). See Ephesians 4:9, Matthew 12:40, and 1 Peter 3:19. It is all about pattern, for just as GOD had unlocked the chamber below the earth to set people free, therefore GOD will set free the lost/backslidden/lukewarm Christians over the world, by giving them a chance to repent and be saved. It is as the Exodus, where satan will lose its grip, when many Israelites will be set free through passing the Red Sea. Peter talked about JESUS was preaching to the lost souls in hell, just as JESUS will once again be preaching to the lost souls in the heart of the earth.
  6. 26th of May – 3 Days of Worldwide Darkness
  7. 27th of May – End of Darkness, Great Earthquake (Matthew 28:2), because 15th of May according to Enoch’s 12 days delay would land on 26th of May. Remember there is time zone difference, therefore 26 could be seen as 27.

The Case of Premature Birth
If these events do not come to past, which is hard to believe, then looking at the case of premature birth would possibly be the solution. The earliest premature birth in the world is 21 weeks, 5 days, without dying and just as 21 days would be acceptable for a baby to be born. Remember from conception to birth counting as 40 weeks/40 days pregnancy, to birth the bride of CHRIST into their new incorruptible body.

If events are moved to the second Pentecost (the back up of Passover’s context), then that would be 4th of June’s Shavuot. So that is the estimation of around 26 days left until the deadline of 6:15PM. According to Enoch’s timing, 6:15PM would be 27/28th of June. 6:00PM therefore would be 13/14th of June, which is suitably after the second Pentecost. However, I have no idea with the Barley Harvest pattern, if June is going to be the month.

Credit: http://newbon-bonsblog.blogspot.com.au/


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