This Burning Love

YOU are greater than the universe,
Yet YOU remember this little me,
I was nothing and undeserved,
Yet a precious diamond that YOU see.

I neither tasted such divine love;
Nor ever have it come to mind,
I wonder why YOU’RE sweet as a dove,
When YOU could have left me behind.

Soon when I’ll behold YOUR glory,
Will I always cry a river of tears?
I can’t fathom the concept of eternity,
Still smiling after a quadrillion years.

Soon when I’ll sit at paradise’s shore,
Will I chuckle at the right choice I’d made?
As I surrender all; my spirit soars,
Answering the call is worth the trade.

I’m coming back to where I belong,
No traps can stop my pathway home,
Out of the darkness running strong,
To worship near YOUR heavenly throne.

YOU’VE lived an eternity for this moment,
YOUR patience with me is so beautiful,
Will I explode by YOUR love in an instant,
At the first time of my arrival?

This burning love is so matchless,
Committing every fiber of being,
Infusion of this temple in oneness,
In perfect sync of hearts beating.

YOUR overwhelming love has ravished me,
It’s indescribable and beyond measure,
YOU know everything about me clearly,
YOU’RE alpha and omega to me forever.

YOU’RE always with me everywhere,
YOU know my heart without speaking,
YOU knew me before I was there,
YOU’VE created me with great thinking.

YOU’RE familiar with all my ways,
YOUR thoughts about me are countless,
YOU still bless me as I stumble every day,
YOUR incomparable love is priceless.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.

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