Words of the LORD:“Time does not belong to you–you do not own the next second or breath despite what you think.” 

Words of the LORD:“Time does not belong to you–you do not own the next second or breath despite what you think.” 

(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan Davis, July 19, 2015)

Listen carefully as I give you this Message:

MY children, I have been verbose with MY Messages through MY prophets of this age to warn the people of coming evil–darker days–evil times. You children cannot say you were not warned. All the Words of MY Book were filled with warnings, chastisements against turning from GOD to MY enemy for evil–rebellion which is witchcraft and darkness from the Truth–MY Truth.

All is now becoming dark. Very little truth can be found. Even the churches practice witchcraft rebelling against MY Ways…MY Truth in order have their own ways…to handle evil…to make love with the world. I will spew them out because of their dirty hands and foul stench…because of their desire to pose as holy in MY sanctuaries and then to run to their closets and commit adulteries with the world. Do they not know that I can see what they perform in the dark, hidden away from the eyes of each other? I see all–I know all. Nothing gets by ME. Hidden sins are not hidden to ME.

Come out of your closets, your shadows that you believe you can hide from ME and each other. Come into MY Light, MY Marvelous Light and repent! Wash you robes in MY Word and by the Power of MY SPIRIT. Make a full surrender to ME and I will send MY HOLY SPIRIT to you in all HIS fullness to dwell within you. By HIS Power you will be cleaned from dirty hands and a dirty heart and I will dwell within you and make you a temple to dwell in and with. WE will be eternal COMPANIONS and I will never leave you side in this age and the ages to come in the next life. I will pull you free when I come to rescue MY bride from the coming tyranny of the enemy and his antichrist.

You must desire this closeness with your GOD. You must weep over your evil–the evil you have committed apart from a full surrender to MY Will–the evil you have done while surrendered to the will of MY enemy. I cannot take you to MY Heavenly Home if you do not surrender your all to ME and make a willful submission making ME your LORD and MASTER: accepting MY Terms–acknowledging MY Blood-bought Salvation obtained from a humble sacrifice on a hard cross.

Children, you must face this decision. ALL face it! Either for or against ME. If you turn against ME and reject MY Offer, I will allow you to be taken into the hands of MY enemy to be part of his world for eternity where evil reigns supreme…where hell fires burn and the worm never dies. It is a place of NO escape and it is your destiny if you reject MY Plan for your salvation.

Think this through thoughtfully. Time does not belong to you–you do not own the next second or breath despite what you think. Humble yourself and run to ME. I will take you as MY own…comfort you and guide you. This is MY desire. Do not be deceived. The hour of your last breath is known only by ME, so do not turn your back to ME.

I love you, but I will not tolerate rejection. Wash now! Wash your robes! Tomorrow may be too late! Many are expiring even now and many more after the removal of MY church.

Let this be fair warning.


Humble GOD 

Has Spoken


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