God’s Calendars Series II [Part 2]

Jewish Rosh Hashanah Deadline

Jewish Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year from September 13-15, and the meaning is the same for “midnight” representing a new beginning, new direction, turning point, no time left for the world, freedom for the bride, darkest before dawn, morning verses night or light and darkness. This means that going beyond August 14 as September 14 will be a very significant new beginning, signifying possible historical changes around the world such as the sixth seal event and related events surrounding it. However, the scripture only ordains for 1 day that only falls on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. September 14-15 will be from Monday to Tuesday, thus disregarding September 13 on Sunday. Tishri 1 by Jewish calendar will be the first day of the New Year on September 14, when September 13 is out of the scene, even though Tishri 1 starts on this day by Elijah’s calendar. This is narrowing down to September 14 as the accurate New Year, other than September 15.

Leviticus 23:24-25 “Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation. Ye shall do no servile work therein: but ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord.”

Leviticus is confirming September 14 because the 7th month in the first day of the month is Tishri 1. Tishri 1 occurs on September 13-15 on 3 different calendars (Jewish, Enoch and Elijah); however, as explained before September 13 doesn’t fall in any of the 4 acceptable days of the week. Therefore, this leads to September 14 by Jewish calendar as the true Tishri 1. A Hebrew day begins from sunset to sunset, leading to the true start of September 14 from Israel’s sunset time running through to September 15’s sunset time as the end date. Therefore, August 14 as September 14 is the possible maximum sixth seal boundary. August 14 can be seen as September 14 because August consists of month 6 that runs through to both August and September. The misalignment is indeed interesting!

On month 7 of Tishri 1 will be out of God’s 120 years tolerance according to Genesis 6:3, since this month will be on 121 Jubilee years which is out of the tolerance boundary. This is referring to August 14 as September 14 (Tishri 1) will be the tolerance deadline, meaning before this time the wrath of God related to the sixth seal, and the 3 Paul’s shipwreck linked with the First Call transformation of the bride could possibly happen. Since 120 years would be the deadline of God’s tolerance, anything out of this boundary is beyond deadline, in other words the judgments of God should be before this “beyond deadline” of 120 years, for 120 years God would tolerate mankind, but for 121 years upwards God would not. When God does not tolerate mankind, the terrible wrath comes without His hand of protection.

Ironically, May 14 is Israel’s birthday reflecting to August because of Jewish month 5 Av. This could be hinting the second Paul’s shipwreck (bloodshed) upon Israel through the global earth shaking, because on earth when a baby is birthed out of the mother, death begins simultaneously due to the fallen seed of Adam from the beginning, in other words we are born in sin, and sin leads to death.

The Pattern of 911 WTC Attack

The 911 attack was very significant historically; don’t you think it was a very obvious sign from God that in the soon coming days, this pattern will replay again itself? The 911 attack will be related to not only the West and East coasts of America, the two towers representing the two wicked high places of America, but Israel as well, according to Ezekiel 21:2 “Son of man, set thy face toward Jerusalem, and drop thy word toward the holy places, and prophesy against the land of Israel“. This is very convincing because knowing how the two high places of America will soon one day be severely judged, and so why not combining with such an appropriate pattern of September 11? As explained before, September 11 will be out of boundary, one of the reasons is because of the figs harvest season.

August 11 is being merged with August 12 by sunset to sunset, which will be echoing to September 11 directly, because Jewish month 6 Elul runs through to both August and September that has formed a relationship with these two buddies. The World Trade Center 911 attack was linked with 811 of August 11 and 811 is linked with 711! These 3 numbers are threesome because month 5 Av runs through to both July and August! Interesting, when you add all these numbers together 911+811+711 equal to 2433! As mentioned before, the number 33 is related to the illuminati, and 24 as 24:00 means on this date time will be no more, which the 3 Paul’s shipwrecks upon California, New York City and Israel will occur without delay! There are actually so much more to just the number 711!


Nothing is by chance and one of the ways that God is hinting the number 711 is through the 711 convenience store (ironic or maybe surprising or nothing extraordinary but true). Remember, it is a WORLDWIDE chain! This is implying the worldwide judgment possibly on August 14 by opening the sixth seal, because even though it is showing as 11th of the month, it actually refers to the 14th of the month as well. Later will explain why it is the 14th of the month. Also their previous business hours were from 7am to 11pm, representing the number 11 as the END! This is saying that August 11 being merged with August 12 will be the END! This is mirroring Exodus 24:16 where Moses went out of the midst of the cloud on the 7th day, echoing back to 7am as the day break after the 6 days of darkness! This store sold basic food such as bread and milk in the past and since the 6 days of darkness will possibly be a fasting of food for the lost souls, on the 7th day they will get food again!

By the dual alphabetical system, adding up all the numbers of “seven eleven”, you get 128 & 169. Later there will be the chart, but for now when 169 – 128, you get 41. You have to decode this by reading in the Hebrew’s way from right to the left, see how Israel is truly our gauge? This number 41 as 14 is very significant, not only referring to August 14 but signifying coming judgments. Going back to the system, 14 equals to M, N and Pi. Since M & N are the same repeating numbers 13 & 14, therefore this resembles August because the number 8 is actually made up of 2 Pi. Pi is the numerical value of the circle’s circumference to its diameter, and when rounded up of Pi would be 3.141; see how Pi is as 14 & 13. But this is not the end of the story yet, because Pi is also 9 & 11 by the system, which is signifying another Paul’s shipwreck on the third day. Moreover, M & N is actually hiding the Roman’s numerical values, because M as I V I = 7 and N as I V = 6 in their exploded version. What is 6 & 7? It could be seen as June, month 6, July, month 7, the 6th of the month and 7th of the month. There are so many possibilities here which will be explained later. Interestingly, 7+6=13, Pi judgment again! Also, 7×6=42, but actually 24 as 24:00, no time left for the world! So here is the proof that the number 711 has a hidden meaning to end times events!

The number 711 is a sibling with 77 as 7×11=77. This is confirming the encounter that I had, because on May 18, 2015, I saw the number 7777 on a car plate as I walked across the road. This is not an accident because seeing the number 7777 is such a rare chance, I’ve tried to spot another 7777, however I wasn’t able to spot it again on a car plate. This seems to be God confirming this number as the 4th Sunday of May, which was May 24 Pentecost. This will be further explained later on. Then on June 18 (on the SAME 18th day), I went to a restaurant sitting on a table 77 and got a receipt of $77.70! This must be from God, because this is too perfect to be done by mistake confirming its relationship with May 18th encounter. This could be referring to the First Call transformation on around 6pm (18:00) in Israel’s time on August 11 merged with (actual date August 12).

Amazingly, when typing “NM” of Pi in the Hebrew translator, it came up as “מן” & “םנ” meaning “miracle”, and “slumber”. This reminds me of Matthew 25, see v5 “While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.” and v10 “And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.” The meaning of “miracle” is “supernatural phenomenon”; see how the “door” could be a supernatural phenomenon. Some Hebrew alphabets look like 7 as well! Both daleth ד and resh ר look like the number 7! When using the Hebrew translator of “dalet” ( תלד ) it came out as the definition of a “door”! Also the word “resh” ( שאר ) it came out as the definition of the “head”! The First Call transformation is for the barley bride that matures faster than the wheat bride; therefore as the baby comes out of the mother headfirst, the barley bride is the HEAD that comes out FIRST, while the wheat bride as the baby’s body that follows, and that’s when the birthing process is completed.


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