God’s Calendars Series II [Part 3]

June 26 Gay Marriages Judgment (USA)

The sin of homosexuality is a GRAVE sin, because in the beginning of the bible; in the very first book and very first chapter in Genesis 1:28 said “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” God has commanded us to multiply; this is His will and when a couple of the same gender cannot produce babies, but insist to satisfy the lust of the flesh is destroying God’s plan, which is a very wicked thing to do. The very first commandment from God to humans was to be fruitful and multiply, meaning to bring forth babies for the next generation to come! When this is disobeyed, the wrath of God must be terrible!

In June 26, 2015, gay marriages were legalized nationwide (50 states) in America. The 50 states are referring to Pentecostal judgment. Even Matthew 27:50 was describing the death of Jesus, representing the transformation of the bride of Christ since death of the fleshy body is the rebirth of the new transformed body. By no chance, on this very day of June 26 was sticking with Tammuz 9 & 11 by Jewish, Enoch and Elijah’s calendars, resembling the 911 attack pattern in relation to America’s rebellion. On August 11 will be Av 26 echoing back to June 26 judgments, and August 11 will be merged with August 12 (both are seen equally) by sunset to sunset setting in Israel’s time.

Ironically, the gay’s pride rainbow is linked with the rainbow after the flood back in the days of Noah. This June 26 gay marriages legalization is a major marker as a sign for us to know that time is really up. This is saying that in this end times generation, just as in the days of Noah will repeat the same pattern in these coming days. This time will not be a worldwide flood but will be a worldwide earth quake so great that all mountains and islands will be moved out of their places. The first major earthquake upon Nepal on April 25 was 11:56:26; this is referring to June 26 as the speculated Av 26 first judgment will be upon California.

Just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, which California and New York City are actually the nowadays Sodom and Gomorrah but even worse than that, you may ask isn’t God will not judge America and Israel for the righteous’ sake, according to Abraham who was asking God whether He would spare the wicked for the righteous’ sake? God did said that He would spare the wicked within the city for the righteous’ sake, meaning that if there are no righteous people in this world anymore, the sinners would have been long gone.

However, at last Sodom and Gomorrah were both destroyed because of the sin of homosexuality! The righteous will definitely be protected because just as in the days of Sodom, Lot who was a righteous man along with his family was able to escape the destruction! This means that the coming earthquakes upon California and New York City, the angels could be pulling out the bride of Christ into safety before it hits them. See the pattern of homosexuality again? This is very wicked in the sight of God, and therefore the coming judgments against this sin would be swift. Also, Abraham was asking about sparing the wicked for 50 righteous men’s sake. Again, the number 50 represents Pentecost, and in this context is referring to Pentecostal judgments.

June 12 Gay Pride Parade Judgment (Israel)

Israel is also guilty of homosexual sins, and this is the quote about Jerusalem gay pride parade “[Former Jerusalem Mayor Ehud] Olmert started this trend 11 years ago, and unfortunately every time this parade took place disaster befell the people of Israel,” Their annual gay pride in Tel Aviv on June 12 was a huge marker for us, and August 12 will be echoing back to June 12 because August consists of both Jewish month 5 and month 6, positioning us back to the May and June period. Thus, August 12 is as June 12. Israel is related to the 911 WTC attack possibly because they also are partaking the sin of homosexuality just like the rebellious people of America.

June 23 Twin Earthquakes of America

The twin World Trade Towers were representing two high places as the two wicked high places of America, which is California (Hollywood) where the celebrities falsely exalt themselves as gods, their entertainment industry that promotes all kinds of sins, and New York City (World Trade Center) that draws the world into the lust of the dollar (1 Tim 6:10). Nepal’s major twin earthquakes on Lyar 6 & 23 were symbolic to these two high places, because Nepal is the only Hindu (false idols) in this world and has the highest mountain called Mount Everest. This is echoing to June 23 twin judgments upon America, because the impact zones were exactly matching the state of California and New York. The number 11 looks like a parallel representing twin on August 12 that’s merged with August 11.

Nepal and USA updated2

June 23 is our gauge for the coming 3 Paul’s shipwrecks upon California and New York City, because Song of Solomon’s day break verses are 2:17 + 4:6 = 6:23, confirming Matthew 28 earthquake impact upon these two places after the 6 days of darkness (Exodus 24:16). The second Paul’s shipwreck would be the global earth shaking on August 14. This day is the First Call to 7 days paradise training for the bride, where God will stop time in order to have the 7 days period that runs within the 3 days of worldwide darkness.

Hezekiah representing the bride of Christ had reigned for 29 years in chapter 29, exactly matching the elevation of Mount Everest 29,029′. This is referring to the day when America’s high places will fall; the bride will be transformed into her new glorified body. 2 Chronicles 29 is confirming First Call on Av 29 boundary of August 13-14 by all 3 calendars misalignment, where the bride will be elevated to high places, because the highest mountain in this world represents the highest place which is heaven/paradise. He reigned when he was 25 years old representing the age of the glorified body that will typically be 25 years old. There is a reason why the number 29 is repeated, this is referring to Av 29 on the Jewish calendar and Av 29 on Enoch and Elijah’s calendar. Both Enoch and Elijah’s calendars are seen as the same calendar because they are aligned.

June 23 is as August 12 because the number 811 is linked with 711, and as explained 711 can be seen as June 6th, which is Tammuz 6 of June 23. However, it can also be seen as June 7th leading to June 24 as the actual day of occurrence. June 23 was the second Pentecost counting from the second Passover. May 24-25 was the date of the first Pentecost and is in a relationship with June 23-24; therefore the Pentecostal boundary dates are 23-25.


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