God’s Calendars Series II [Part 7]

Keys to Unlock the Timeframe

There are 3 major keys to unlock the true timeframe of The First Call and sixth seal period, when dealing with the Gregorian calendar that we commonly use. The 3 major keys are Enoch, Elijah and Jewish calendars, they must be merged together and work out together cooperatively. If you just use the Gregorian calendar or only along with the Jewish calendar, you are only seeing part of the picture. There are also other keys through different time zones, including California, New York City, Egypt (optional), Israel’s sunset to sunset setting and Israel’s sunrise start day to unlock the door.

numbers chart

The 7 Days of Warning

August 12-14 will still be Av 24 of Genesis 5:24, because the 1st day of warning started on Shevat that consists of Gregorian January. Since August hits at 120 degrees as explained, thus going back 7 days by August would be day 1 on Shevat. There are 24 hours in a day, making 24 hours as Av 1-24. There is a gray area after 24th of the day and before the start of next day. 1 month equals to 1 day. Remember, Av 1 = 1:00, therefore Elul 1 of August 15 = 1:00. So before restarting the rotation of the clock pointer again on August 15 that hits the 8th day (out of boundary), August 12-14 will still be able to be seen as May 24 for the Pentecostal pattern, and the Wave Sheaf Offering. Therefore, August 15 will not be May 24 anymore by Enoch’s calendar. Since 0 degree started at Jewish month 1/Gregorian April = Jewish month 10/Gregorian January.

7 days of warning enoch

Dual Alphabetical System

dual system

This is the fun bit, and the more mind blowing part!

The alphabetical numbers end on 26 is as Av 26 of August 11 being merged with August 12, representing this date as the beginning of the end because at the same number 26 is also number 1 restarting the system. Remember, August 12 = August 14, therefore the meaning applies to both.

Another confirmation to California 3 Paul’s shipwrecks judgments is based on the Apple Company located in California of their bitten apple logo. Eve ate the fruit, and by the alphabetical numbers, Eve is repeating 522 thrice, reflecting 3 times of major earthquakes because of May 22 was the greatest earthquake historically. “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:” The fruit is related to the fall of mankind, this could also be seen as the impact of Hollywood from California that led the WHOLE WORLD into all kinds of sins, through their wicked entertainment industry. California and New York City are the current version of the wicked Sodom and Gomorrah. Revelation 17:5 “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”

Jewish month 5 Av of August as the numbers 5 & 8 are linked with the numbers 22 and 19 matching Psalm 19, Revelation 22 and Psalm 22. This is pointing August as the end of the end month, death & transformation month.

Av 24 is extended to August 12 will be on X. The symbol X carries a whole bunch of meanings to this date! It means union (with the Holy Spirit), transformation, promoted to high places, crucifixion, death, and treasure for the bride of Christ. At the same time, this symbol X for the world is also death, the falling of high places, but it also means sexual immorality (see how sinful films are rated X). X also means nothing, error, failure, bad and negative things, meaning the wicked high places of America will fall greatly. I am convinced that the two high places of America could come to absolutely nothing, and desolate because of the 3 shipwrecks.

Z stands for zzz meaning rest for the bride on August 12 & 14, and this can also be seen as Sunday as the day of rest, set apart, holy and blessed resembling 77 again. The painless death of the bride means that she will be resting from her battles against her flesh, and never needs to pick up the heavy painful cross again. The number 7 points to 6 & 9 o’clock directions as 69 symbol of cancer constellation. The crab constellation’s stars called “Tegmen/Tegmine” are located at the tail, which means the Hiding Place! The bride will be hidden behind the veil/scene! See how the star system is behind the crab! In Psalm 27:5 (hiding away from the wrath of God in heavenly realm). The dictionary defines “Tegmen” as a “covering”, and the synonyms of cover are “shelter”, “protection” and “hiding place” for the bride of Christ! Another star system called Acubens/Alpha Cancri means “the claws”, and the definition of “claw” means holding something with the hands. See John 10:28 “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” August is also July because Av runs through to these months.


The XYZ axis are amazing because X = 24, Y = 25, Z = 26. On August 12 will be Av 24 as well, where X Axis points to 3 o’clock direction, representing the death of Jesus on the cross as the death of the bride. The Z axis points upwards refer to the elevation of the barley bride to the 7 days of paradise training that could be on August 14, because it equals to August 12 as explained. Another way to see August 14 as Av 26 and the number 26 would be 29 as the overturned version of 26, and Elul 1 by Elijah’s calendar since 26 = 1 by the dual system. It is interesting to see Ezekiel 21:27 “I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.” because the number 6 represents man, and the overturned version of 6 is 9 representing the fall of man facing to hell.


XThe merged AV of Jewish month 5 is fascinating, because it includes 2x, 1w, 1m, and 2v (1 overturned). Psalm 45 comes from 54 of 2(24+3). The number 23 of W could relate to Psalm 23 and the 23rd pair of chromosomes as the determining factor of genders. Since once the gender is determined it cannot be undone, thus August could mark the end for the world, and God will take control over the outcome of America, Israel and the bride. M is obviously signifying Pi judgments again on August, because of the numbers 13 & 14. Also, V is actually represented by 111 because it points to 11 & 1 o’clock, which is the devil’s horn. The overturned V is the fall of the world/satan. The inversed V points to 5 & 7 o’clock direction as August!


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