God’s Calendars Series II [Part 9]

flag logo

The white cross with the red background is the Switzerland flag where CERN is located. American Red Cross logo is with white background, meaning disaster relief. The inverted of this means there will be no help for Switzerland, indirectly for America as well because CERN could be the cause of the coming major twin quakes upon CA & NYC of America. These two wicked high places of America will have no help! We can still see the possibility with CERN as the cause of the earthquakes, because during August 8-23 will be the period for their LHC intensity ramp-up with 25 ns beam, which August 12 is within the boundary.


The interval between each blood moon is approximately 6 months. There were 3 blood moons passed by so far making up 666, meaning there will be the doom of the wicked before the last blood moon that will take place on September 28. The doom is the opening of sixth seal, and judgments against America along with Israel. See March 20 as June 20, because Sivan runs through to June is month 3. Since 6 months is as 6 days, adding March 20+6 will be March 26 onto April 4 Passover. Know that June 26 is as Av 26 because August consists of both month 5 and month 6. The number 44 represents judgment and bloodshed, which is related to the ides of March being linked with 44BC. This is the 8th blood moon tetrad, meaning 2015 marks a new beginning. Only the last blood moon will be showing to Israel, therefore it is as though God will be turning His focus to the Jews and not the Gentiles (bride) anymore. The rapture deals with the gentiles mainly.

Behold the ides of March! August can be seen as March because it consists of June (Sivan month 3). The ides of March dates of the month are 9, 15, 21 and 7, 13, 19. The obvious one is August 13 being merged with August 14 by sunset to sunset timing in Israel, as the ides of March date. The ides of March includes the 15th of March, May, July and October, and 13th of other months, meaning August 13 is the ides of March. We also have to look for its relatives 7 days preceding before and after the date of 13th and 15th. The bride of Christ will BEHOLD the reward of the wicked (Psalm 91:7-8). By multiplying 21 x 15 x 9 = 2835, you get 1 Kings 20:27 from the Strong’s number. In 1 Kings 20:27 says “And the children of Israel were numbered, and were all present, and went against them: and the children of Israel pitched before them like two little flocks of kids; but the Syrians filled the country.” The Israelites represent the bride of Christ/children of God, and this is also saying that the ides of March is related to the bride of Christ will be numbered and all will present. Interestingly, the two goats remind me of the WTC pattern being related to Israel’s judgment.

The period of August 12-17 is actually confirming the pattern of 153 great fishes of John 21, because the 3 Paul’s shipwrecks first day, third day and sixth day for August 12, 14 and 17 will be Wednesday, Friday and Monday respectively. If you read it backwards in Hebrew’s way, you will see the 153 confirmation. The sign of Jonah is related to the great fish, as though this 6 days period is linked to the sign of Jonah’s 3 days of worldwide darkness, and 6 days of darkness according to Exodus 24. The night before the disciples were not able to catch any fishes, however when Jesus was present to assist the catching of the fishes, there was a great harvest of fishes. This is representing a coming great harvest of souls that not one sheep will be lost, because the net didn’t break regardless of the heavy weight.


Since August 11 related to August 14 linked with 711 (seven eleven), the word “El” is an abbreviation for elevation, and also stands for “God”. The word “even” refers to “evening” as a negative meaning of “darkness” and “the END of the DAY”. August 14 is related to the Pi rainbow, where the order of the rainbow is as red (1, 7), orange (2, 6), yellow (3, 5), green (4, 4), blue (5, 3), indigo (6, 2) and violet (7, 1). The colors orange and green from the 711 logo are interesting when you see them as 26 and 44. This is echoing back to June 26 gay marriages judgment and bloodshed as Av 26. By matching the Ten Commandments of God, 1 & 7 (red) are referring to idolatry and adultery, while 2 & 6 (orange) are referring to graven images and murder.

The red color was pointing to 6, referring to California’s earthquake at their local time 6am. Orange represents New York City because it points to 9am, where it will be in their local time 9am when California strikes to 6am. California is definitely full of idolatry; because of the unrighteous celebrities exalting themselves above the world and God. Their blasphemous Hollywood entertainment industry promotes lawlessness and immorality such as sexual sins. Also, for orange as New York City, see Revelation 18:24 “And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.” Where is the graven image of the satanic goat sitting upon his throne? The Baphomet sculpture was stored in Brooklyn! The WTC is located in Manhattan being very close to Brooklyn.

The green background of this 711 logo represents “new beginning”, “eternal life”, “fresh oil” and “resting in God” according to the scriptures for the bride of Christ. The white background represents “purity”, “righteousness” and “heaven”.

Genesis 6:3 “And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.” Okay, so shall the wrath of God come at 120 years mark or beyond 120 years during the 121th year? Before Tishri 1 of September 15 will still be on the 50th year cycle of 120 Jubilee years, and as explained the number 50 represents Pentecost. Since Acts 1:15 is referring to Genesis 6:3 based on the 120 people during the Pentecostal period, this is confirming Pentecostal judgments during the 120th Jubilee year before Tishri 1 deadline. Just as if a person gets to live for 120 years, he would DIE at age 120 years old and not 121 years old, which is confirming 120 Jubilee years judgment related to DEATH BEFORE September 15. Now definitely 121 Jubilee years after Tishri 1 will be a NO tolerance period according to Genesis 6:3.

Even though June 23-24 was a period of the second Pentecost counting from the second Passover, but based on Genesis 5:24 is favoring May 24 Pentecost this year, and Enoch’s birthday was on a Pentecost most possibly on Sivan 6-7. Sivan 6-7 was the first Pentecost period this year in 2015. Av 24 is within August period (not September) and this time is definitely a high watch time. Av 24 is exactly as May 24 because it is Jewish month 5.


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