September First Call Backup Plan

Genesis 5:24 is pointing to 2015 May 24 Pentecost, referring to 2015 is the year of The First Call. The First Call transformation is mimicking Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection of Him being transformed during His 40 days ministry, and the rapture is according to His ascension that comes afterwards. This is for the bride of Christ, and death means transformation.

Even though the First Call is not the rapture, but it is very similar to the transformation pattern of the rapture. Therefore the exact day and the hour we will not know until it’s upon us. Noah had his 7 days of warning, possibly on his 1st day he knew before the flood comes, therefore in this generation we will only know on our 1st day of the 3 days of cosmic warning before the 3 days of worldwide darkness. But we could know the specific season and later will explain why September 2015 of Tishri will be the high watch period.

There are indeed so much date references such as June 23, June 26, June 12, June 30, March 20, November 28, just to say a few. Definitely September 23 will be a gauge for us, however many are looking forward to this date, so I suspect it to be wrong since the scriptures clearly said no one knows the exact date anyway. Also, there’s a reason why it’s hidden because Jesus wants to protect His bride from being battered by having the enemy knows about the exact timing of the First Call transformation.

There are so many dates to incooperate together, and I believe only Jesus can work out the timing of the First Call along fitting all the dates like June 26, June 23, June 12, May 22, June 30, May 24, November 28, March 20, April 20-22, February 20, Av 7 & 10…etc. I will lay out the evidence below about September the high watch month of the First Call, to even the approximate periods but not the exact day and hour.

We could still use the 3 keys of 3 calendars as revealed by Jesus which are the Enoch, Elijah and Jewish calendars. This is definitely for a purpose and we can track down to Pentecostal boundary, untimely figs, where we are now in the 7 years of tribulation, 120 years of tolerance…etc The coming forth blood moon on September 28 to Israel is definitely a sign of judgment upon Israel. I’m not saying either September 28 is the date nor September 23, because we will not know until it is upon us. But know that it’s very soon, whereas September period for the First Call as revealed is the deadline this year.


I highlight it in red but it’s not indicating the First Call date, it’s just saying September 23 is a huge marker, because it resembles the second Pentecost counting from the second Passover back then in June 23-24, but September 23 is also June, see the clock below:

God's Calendars Wheel

Gregorian September is Jewish month 6 (June). 6:15pm deadline is pointing to Tishri and 6:00pm deadline is pointing to this September, therefore September is a HUGE season, Tishri is definitely a high watch time! The figs harvest season is the whole month of Elul, therefore according to Revelation 6 sixth seal timing, we must get into the untimely figs season which is after Elul of September 13 that lands on Tishri 1. This is when the untimely figs begin, meaning from September 13 forward will be high watch time. However, September 11 is also a high watch time, because the sixth seal is targeting the 3rd day of the 6 days of darkness (Exodus 24), therefore the high watch period would be from September 11 forward until the end of Tishri, which is October 13 deadline, according to 6:15pm door shut deadline.

September 13 will be a sensitive timing because Rosh Hashanah lasts from September 13-15, and this will be the first day where 121 Jubilee year begins and out of God’s 120 years tolerance according to Genesis 6:3. Jewish new year is very significant representing a new beginning like the “midnight” meaning; the darkest before dawn, a turning point, a new direction, freedom, no time left for the world…etc. September 13 is when fall begins, it is not just the Autumn season but it is also the marker for the fall of mankind. 121 Jubilee year starting from Tishri will be a high watch time for God’s coming judgments because this is absolutely out of the acceptable boundary, meaning God will NOT TOLERATE this wicked generation anymore. We are actually back in January because of Rosh Hashanah new year, so September is not only June and July by Jewish calendars but also January!

Sivan 6-7 is our gauge because this could possibly be Enoch’s birthday that was on May 24 this year. Sivan can be seen as June because it runs through to both May and June, thus June 6-7 period is echoing to Tishri 6-7; the boundary of September 18-21. See how this is a protected timeframe of the First Call, because all 3 calendars are misaligned making it impossible to guess about June 6-7.  Know that this is not only the timeframe that must be considered, but also dates like June 26…etc.

Remember the method with Psalm 18 = 2 Samuel 22, whereas September 18 can be seen as the number 22, and so forth you could get 24 on a September 20 for instance. Also September 20 will be matching March 20 eclipse (11:00) because of June relationship being linked with 3:00 direction on the wheel. This is just one of the few examples besides April 20-22 of 4:00 NSW severe storm 3 days without power, and February 20 rare Israel’s snowstorm pattern.

From evening to evening of September 22-23 will be Yom Kippur; the holiest day and a day closest to God. This is definitely a huge marker, however, no one knows the day or the hour except the Father. September 22 is the Pi day because 22/7 is the approximate Pi number of 3.14. As explained before, Pi is related to judgment (not saying this day is the judgment day), but just saying it’s related to the Noah’s flood…the rainbow since it’s a circle from the sky perspective. September 22 is also the hidden 122, because it will be January on September, making it as January 22 – 122.

September 23-24 will be Pentecostal period, but September 24-25 also because Sivan consists of both May and June, including the May 24-25 Pentecost pattern. The range of Pentecostal period would be September 23-25, see how there are many possibilities making it impossible again for us to know exactly which date? But this is done out of love to protect the bride from being battered by the attacks of the enemy. September 23 is a hidden 911 because of Tishri 9 & 11 together again, this is echoing back to June 26’s Tammuz 9 & 11. There is a relationship between 911 and June 26 against California, New York City specifically, as they are the two high places of America. 711 will also be connected with September 23 because Tishri is Jewish July, and of Tishri 11 as 711. 711 is related to Pi again as explained about the 14 relationship linked with MN of the dual alphabetical system, and also Sivan 6-7 because of the exploded version of MN by roman numerical numbers.

Psalm 31 is related to September 22 because 9+22=31, and this Psalm is about transformation as well. I’m not saying this date is the date, just saying how 9+24=33 degrees of the highest Masonic degrees of the illuminati. This 33 degrees is a sign as well. Revelation 6:12-17 boundary of the sixth seal could be relating to Tishri 12-17 of September 24-October 1, but again this is not pointing to specific timing of the First Call transformation but it is just a sign since Tishri is June because it runs to both September – month 6 and October – month 7. June 12 is echoing to Tishri 12 of September 24-26; high watch times as well. Do you now see how confusing this is?

September 26 is as June 26 because Jewish month 6 will be during September. The Sukkot period of September 27-October 3 are high watch dates as well because of the sheltering of Israelites representing the children of God in the wilderness aka the world. This is representing the protection of the bride…also 2 Chronicles 29 seems to reflect a little bit of September 29, and Song of Solomon 2:17 day break could be referring to the boundary of Tishri 17 of September 29-October 1, again this is just saying the boundary and this could just be a pattern, who knows?

June 30 asteroid will be mirroring to Tishri 30 and September 30, and May 22 is actually EVE reflecting the 3 Paul’s shipwrecks again. But there are more than this…just saying sometimes a date could be represented by something as abstract as this. Tishri 22 of October 4-6 will be reflecting 122 again, and 711 with October 11.

2012-2018 is the approximate 7 years tribulation period, see post here: (ignore the specific dates though)

Tishri at 6:15pm is actually representing September 15 Rosh Hashanah. Therefore it is the 6:15pm deadline!


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