YOUR Unfailing Love (love letter to Jesus)

I didn’t remembered myself,
Yet YOU remembered my every cell,
Before I even learned to love,
YOU first loved me in Heaven above.

I did nothing to earn any of this,
I am nothing deserving such bliss,
YOUR incomparable love is everlasting,
Even when I was wickedly sinning.

All my strength comes from YOU,
YOU alone is worthy of pursue,
YOU’RE in my mind day and night,
Even at school, YOU’RE by my side.

Anything I’d do just to make YOU smile,
It’s a delight to live a holy lifestyle,
Even to the point of a gruesome death,
Loving you with my every breath.

I don’t care about riches and fame,
I’m done with the materialistic game,
Being stripped of all unholy friends,
Divorcing every sin that offends.

I don’t care about luxurious mansion,
Even to my most favorite recreation,
And the world’s best tasting food,
But at YOUR feet in infinite gratitude.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.

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