Daily Essential Prayer

Below is a prayer I would want to follow by speaking out loud. It is a set prayer meant for a daily basis that I do not want to miss. Of course, I do not only follow this set prayer as a prayer life to GOD. There comes prayers out of my heart being led by the spirit that are not set. I consider the following prayer as very important. You can follow exactly below to pray or get the idea from it to pray.

Dear Abba Father, I come to YOU as dust and ashes today. Thank you LORD for another brand new day today! Thank you LORD for all the blessings that you have blessed me every day!

I pray LORD that you would reveal your will and plan for me. I pray that I can at all times through YOUR help to stay in YOUR perfect will and plan for me. I pray oh LORD that you would give me divine teachings, understanding and knowledge to me. I pray that I would also be able to gain experiences to equip myself into bringing love, hope, truth and life to others that are in need–bearing fruits continuously; building others up and reach out for YOUR kingdom no matter how difficult it would seem through the strength from YOU, for YOU alone strengthen my weaknesses and that I am not alone in this walk. I pray that YOU would direct me into the place I am supposed to be in this narrow road and to be the person YOU want me to be. I pray that YOU would humble me completely, be delightful in doing YOUR will, and have a steadfast faith, as well as a blind faith like a child towards YOU through the power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. I pray that YOU would reign in my heart at all times.

I pray that I would have a pure heart, that YOU would create a right spirit within me, that my heart be purified and be able to show love to everyone completely through the power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. I pray that I would be able to put YOU foremost every day with YOUR help, that I would have the most excitement and happiness when I do things in relation to YOU LORD. I pray that I would be able to start and end every day with you daily. I pray that I would be able to read the bible through the wisdom and understanding of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT every time, so I would not be lead astray into misunderstanding YOUR word which I don’t want to, for I delight in the truth.

I pray that oh GOD that I would hunger and thirst to read the bible more, for holiness and righteousness more, that I would accomplish YOUR will in complete obedience along with strength from YOU to do so. I pray for the complete filling of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to conquer all my sins and evils, for I know that I can be an overcomer through HIM. I pray that YOUR HOLY SPIRIT would guide me into all truths that I need to know and the complete guidance and direction to stay in YOUR perfect will every moment. I pray that I would have a full oil lamp and be counted worthy to escape as a bride in the soon coming of YOUR return.

I give YOU my life, everything I am I give to YOU for YOUR purposes. I give YOU my body, my arms, my legs, my mind, my heart, my soul, my spirit, I give YOU everything LORD. Do what YOU wish with me today. I love YOU!

Thank you oh GOD for YOUR overwhelming love, mercy, constant guidance, protection, teachings, discipline, being my savior and LORD. I pray this in YOUR mighty, holy and powerful name–YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH I pray, amen.


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